A Soldier's Journey

Part 1
Part 2
Part 3
Part 4

David Holsinger
Grade 5

A Soldier’s Journey
Featuring the music of David Holsinger’s “American Faces.”
Winds Arranged by Manuel J. Maldonado
Used by permission
(Only the wind score is currently available. Please call for additional pricing on percussion parts.)

“A Soldier’s Journey” is a musical tribute to our fallen heroes throughout history.

Part One opens with a “Call to Duty” by the field snare drum, piccolo, and ominous pad bass. As the hero goes off to his post, he is filled with the excitement and energy portrayed through David Holsinger’s masterpiece “American Faces.”

In Part Two of the show, our soldier finds himself celebrating with others during a 1940’s WWII era party entitled “Swing Time.”

The party is interrupted during a brief radio news bulletin, followed by Part Three’s dissonant entrances and artillery fire, portrayed by the percussion section. Our hero dies in the attack. As he is remembered, the band plays “taps” blended by the sonorous melodies of “Amazing Grace.”

The Fourth Movement then returns back to Holsinger’s “American Faces,” as our soldier’s willingness to give the ultimate sacrifice is remembered and appreciated through today's heroes.

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