A Villain's Night Out

Part 1
Part 2
Part 3

Christopher Drake, Evanescence, and David Holsinger
Grade 4

A Villain's Night Out

Featuring the Music of Christopher Drake, Evanescence, and David Holsinger Winds by Manuel J. Maldonado Percussion by John Garza and Manuel J. Maldonado
Used by Permission

What if the "bad guy" hijacked your marching show and you had to spend the entire time trying to get him? This is exactly what happens during "Villain's Night Out." While the band is warming up, a pre-recorded track starts and a female soloist is held hostage! The track goes on to explain that "not even this band can stop me!"

The track blends into an effortless transition into Part 1: The music from Christopher Drake's Superman Batman: Public Enemies soundtrack. The chase begins to catch the villain!

In Part 2, the soloist laments of her capture through the use of Evanescence's My Immortal.

In Part 3, The band has closed in and captured their bad guy while playing Liturgical Dances by David Holsinger.

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