Part 1
Part 2
Part 3

Ben Harloff, Samuel Hazo, and Manuel J. Maldonado
Grade 3


Featuring the music of Ben Harloff, Samuel Hazo, and Manuel J. Maldonado Winds by Ben Harloff and Manuel J. Maldonado
Percussion by John Garza

This show tells the life of a samurai warrior in their last stand against the invading Western civilizations.

In Part 1, Way of the Sword, the essence of the samurai's strength and determination to fight to uphold their way of life.

In Part 2, Way of the Heart, the samurai tells his wife good-bye for the last time before he enters the battle that he will not come back from alive. This movement features music from Hazo's Fantasy on a Japanese Folk Song.

In Part 3, Way of Honor, our warrior goes off to war, only never to return alive. Other members of the band carry him back home as they pay tribute to his heroism through music.

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