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Winds by Manuel J. "Manny" Maldonado. Percussion by Manny Maldonado and Kris Hartman
Grade 4

This new-take on an old-favorite starts with a pre-show playback track in the front ensemble while the band marches drill. Momentum builds up in the first big hit and the judged timing begins here. The ¾ timed Aragonaise sounds difficult, but is really easy to march with lots of left-foot step outs. Hints for Rob Thomas' Smooth exist throughout the movement.

The ballad is a beautiful rendition of the Adantino with Maurice Ravel's Bolero layered over the top of the work. There are soloist moments for an outstanding flute and alto sax solo to shine right before the band enters into a beautiful tutti moment. The movement is framed around a snare drummer playing the Bolero lick from the field.

In the third movement, a quick transition sets the band up for the Habanera, a must-play for all Carmen shows! This Habanera has a good groove to it so that the tempo doesn't bog down. The movement builds into a strong drum corps-style ending for punctuation.

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