Part 1: Paradise
Part 2: Polovtsian Dances
Part 3: Lost in Paradise
Part 4A: School for Scandal
Part 4B: Ending

Alexander Borodin, Carol Chambers, Coldplay, Evanesence
Grade 5

Design by Jarrett Lipman, Darryl Pemberton, and Jodie Rhodes
Winds by Carol Chambers
Percussion by Manny Maldonado, Kris Hartman and Alan Sharps
(copyright permission is required for all previously arranged MJM Works shows)

The Show "Eve" is based on the visual concept of a woman who has is all, but is tempted to turn from what she knows is true, and thus falls from grace.

Part 1 opens with a lavish pre-show set to Cold Play's "Paradise." As our character, Eve, takes the field, the band is enchanted with her beauty and presence. The front ensemble arrangement seamlessly picks up the pre-recorded music, and the show is under way.

Part 2 is a flirtatious dance as Eve strolls around the band, laughing and relishing in all the attention as the band performs and pays tribute to her beauty.

In Part 3, Eve becomes "Lost in Paradise", and is tempted from her beliefs that have kept her poise and beauty in tact. Part 4 starts with 45 seconds of "bonus" music, affectionately entitled "The Serpent." An unsettling ostinato layers into the front ensemble while an oboe soloist tempts Eve away from what she holds as truth. An aggressive band impact occurs (School for Scandal) at the moment Eve realizes her terrible mistake. Fear strikes as she scatters about, but it is too late. She has fallen.

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