Part 1 - Barber
Part 2 - Barber
Part 3 - Secret Garden
Part 4 - Copland

Lorde, Samuel Barber, Secret Garden and Aaron Copland; Winds arranged by Michael Klesch; Percussion arranged by Manuel J. "Manny" Maldonado Bobby Hoyt
Grade 5

Give tells the story of a destroyed forest that is rebuilt by the spirit of nature.

The pre-show and opener music is angular and aggressive to depict the desolate landscape.

The ballad's contemplative lament paints the scene as futile, but toward the end, a new green sprout emerges, and there is now a sign of hope.

Now, the color guard begins to rebuild what was once lost. The closer is played as moments from Appalachian Spring are heard.

The forest is now, once again, full of life.

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