Movement 1
Movement 2
Movement 3

Philip Glass
Grade 3

By Philip Glass
Winds and Percussion by Manuel J. Maldonado
used by permission

This show design celebrates those heroes we encounter in everyday life.  The pre-show starts while the band is still setting up and depicts soldiers marching in battalion toward the battlefield.  Dark and ominous, it pauses just before the war and jumps to movement one, where the tempo and feel is light and upbeat.  Here is where the first celebration of the hero takes place.  In movement two, our hero realizes that there is much more than glory associated with the job.  Darker than the pre-show, the hero begins to realize all the anguish and tragedy that comes with the territory.  On the field, the second movement ends exactly where the pre-show did, only this time the segue flows into the battle depicted by the third movement.  A minor woodwind ostinato over a drum break shadows a war scene on the field, but our hero endures and triumphs, and the show finishes boldly and celebrates the hero once more for his duty, loyalty and commitment to us.

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