Lincolnshire Posy

Part 1
Part 2
Part 3
Part 4

Percy Grainger
Grade 5

Lincolnshire Posy

Featuring the music of Percy Grainger
Winds by Carol Chambers
Percussion by Manuel J. Maldonado and Kris Hartman

This creative show concept takes the music of Percy Grainger to an entirely new visual level. Depicted as episodes of dreams from two sisters, the pre-show begins with an eerie play on the word "Posy", using an old nursery rhyme about the bubonic plague and death to frame the opening work. Part 2 finds the sister in an enchanted, dream-like state. Visually, she encounters a puppet that comes to life and mimics her every mood, but soon more puppets come out and turn on her. While this sister dreams of troubled events, the other sister's dreams are quite different. In Part 3, the "Brisk Young Sailor" is introduced to his bride by the sister. In Part 4, the second sister brings to life all the elements of a marching band, and they happily surround her at the end and lift her up to greatness!

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