Drum Break
Part 4
Part 4A

James Newton Howard
Grade 5

Based on the soundtrack Signs by James Newton Howard, the soundtrack  Alien vs. Predator Requiem by Brian Tyler, and the Alien soundtrack by Jerry Goldsmith.

Part One: The people of Earth realize that “other beings” have arrived. It is not clear, however, what their intentions are. The colorguard, depicted as the visitors, surround and encompass the band throughout the movement.

In Part Two, Earthlings feel that the beings have come in peace, and one even falls in love with a creature. But while a member of the Earthling band is being seduced by the colorguard being, another one is sneaking up behind him, which is heard in the build-up of the orchestration!

Part 3 begins with the breakout of war between the other life-forms (colorguard) and the people of Earth (the band.) While this goes on, the drum line plays their drum feature.

There are TWO options for a closer…

Part 4A: Based off the movie Alien vs. Predator Requiem, this movement has a dark turn that could go either way as to who wins the final outcome.

Part 4B: Based off of David Gillingham’s “Galactic Empire,” this piece starts with a war-like theme, but then quickly goes back to the Signs soundtrack while the chase begins to rid Earth of the Aliens.

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